Medium Himba Cuffs - ineffably
Medium Himba Cuffs - ineffably

Medium Himba Cuffs

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In northern Namibia live the Himba people – a true nomadic tribe who wear little clothing, often made of goat skin and cover themselves in a thick ochre for protection against the harsh dessert climate. They adorn themselves in amazing jewelry made of leather, shells, metal, plastics and other materials that they find. Their traditional life has far from been adapted to the modern world, however trade of jewelry for money and other goods is common. The original thick cuff was worn by Himba women around the ankle for protection against snakes. Now they are upcycled from broken water pipes and carved with beautiful and intricate patterns symbolic of animals, the landscape and tribal culture.

They are very durable and lightweight for comfortable wear. They fit almost any adult wrist. They are carved in gray and red. 

Each one is about 8 inches around and 6 centimeters wide. They pull apart generously to get on!